1. Respect every individual at the event.
2. No Form of Prejudice will be tolerated.
3. Politely make requests and Politely Accept or Deny requests. *NO MEANS NO!
4. Excessive intoxication will not be allowed.
5. Absolutely no illegal drugs will be permitted.
6. Monetary solicitation for sexual favors is strictly prohibited.
7. No weapons of any kind will be permitted.
8. Dress Code will be enforced.
9. No Nudity or open sex in Specified areas.
10. Individuals are solely responsible for their own personal property.
11. No unauthorized touching will be permitted.
12. Scary Masks are not allowed, unless specifically requested for an event such as a Halloween Party.
13. General Admission Patrons will avoid VIP Areas, Services and other associated accoutrements, unless a VIP patron has permitted the right of Invitation by a VIP Patron.
14. Should Security Personnel issue a participant a Warning or Demand, the individual will comply or be evicted.
15. Private Party Participants may be asked to sign an Agreement prior to admittance.
16. Party organizers and/or managers, at their sole discretion, may request that any person leave the event for any reason what-so-ever.
17. Sufficient Ticket Sales Quotas Must Be Met in Order to Fulfill Event Requirements. Should sales quotas not be met for any reason what-so-ever, the Ticket Purchaser will be notified and receive credit for an alternative party, class or event date not to exceed the cost of their Ticket(s).
18. There will be no refunds what-so-ever.
19. Alcohol May or May Not be available at the event. Generally alcohol will be allowed via B.Y.O.B.
20. Verbal or Physical Fighting will not be tolerated and participants in such actions will be required to leave.


Thank You For Abiding by the Rules.